Spirit Warrior Fitness

Understanding And Being Fit For Spiritual Warfare Through Moving Meditation

What We Do

Our Coaching Methods Consist of:

* No Impact Karate

* Prayer & Meditation 

* Rest 

* Understanding Eating Habits

We Help You To Grow In

* Love          * Kindness         * Self-Control                      * Respecting Others

* Joy            * Goodness       * Perfection of Character    * Refraining From Violent Behavior

* Peace       * Faithfulness    * Being Faithful

* Patience   * Gentleness     * Striving To Do Our Best 


We help to educate you to see your body as a whole system where each works together with the other parts to make one functioning whole. 

Since you're not just individual parts working separately, we help you to see your connection between your body, mind and emotions.

Mountain Lake

We help you to change your mindset from a victim of life's curcumstances, including health issues. 

Even with the issues that you might be going through, you can see yourself as "more than a conquerer" over problems that might be trying to hold you down.

We also help you to change your emotional focus to one that focuses on the good things that has and are happening in your life.


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