Spirit Warrior Fitness

Understanding And Being Fit For Spiritual Warfare Through Moving Meditation


Does Life Seem To Be Beating You Down....????


We're in a fight. It's a fight that you might not realize you're in.

It's not just any fight. It's a fight with an unseen enemy. And, his goal is to:

*   Steal from you and/or anything that's close to you

*   Kill you and/or anything that's close to you

*   Destroy you and/or anything that close to you.


Pain, weakness, some forgetfulness, depression and irritation have become constant associates that won't leave you alone.


You need momentum to get out of a chair and you have to manuver yourself just right to sit down.


You have to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself to go into another room and when you get there you've forgotten why you went.


You don't want to move because it makes the constant pain worse.

If you do move, it zapps all of your energy 


If you're looking for the good old days, then you've made it.
These are the good old days.

Come with us as we walk through this new journey with a
renewed sense of purpose, determination and fun!

Robert with Sai


Just in case you're curious, I'm Robert Bradley and along with Mac, we'll be your  Fitness and Wellness coaches.

The Spirit Warrior Fitness Program Will Develop:

Cardiovascular Endurance | Stress Relief

Balance | Flexibility

Coordination |  Build Self-Discipline

Mental Focus | Self and Environmental Awareness 



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**Be sure to ask about our
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7 Virtues of a Warrior

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Robert Bradley was trained at the Japanese Karate-Do/Mid-America WTKO and is a proud member of the World Traditional Karate Organization (WTKO). The Shotokan Dojo Kun (Code of morals within the training floor)For more information visit www.japanesekaratedo.com 

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